2024 Lexus RZ EV

Lexus Electrified Has A New Vision

Since the launch of RX400h in 2005, Lexus has been the market leader in Electrified Luxury Vehicles. The new RX450e brings that vision to the future with a fully electric BEV that improves upon the idea of Lexus Electrified, and marks the beginning of a carbon neutral future for Lexus.

The all-new RZ builds on Lexus' next-generation design language by pursuing a distinct character and proportions born of a dynamic driving experience. "Seamless E-Motion" is the design idea, which expresses seamless acceleration and a dynamic sensation of torque that is unique to a BEV. Furthermore, the absence of an internal combustion engine has altered the front end's functional needs, forcing Lexus to develop a new aesthetic identity through the use of a "spindle body" design.

The cabin is designed to reflect the BEV's dynamic performance, with a sleek and agile appearance. Even in a room chasing practical essence, there is a feeling of elegance and high-quality workmanship. The interior welcomes passengers with an airy sense, thanks to the revolutionary tazuna concept.

The drive force of the four wheels is continually controlled with great accuracy by DIRECT4 and the newly designed high-output electronic axle (eAxle) motor. It operates in accordance with the vehicle's ground contact load, independent of road surface or driving circumstances, to provide a thrilling driving experience consistent with the driver's objective.

Through independent front and rear hydraulic control, a novel pressurisation unit provides synchronised front and rear regenerative braking. Under the supervision of the Lexus Driving Signature, the new brake system strives to offer smooth, direct, and controlled braking. The regenerative braking system improves regenerative energy efficiency to increase cruise range while improving brake feel, based on Lexus' hybrid electric technology experience and achievements over the years.

By limiting driver eye movement while driving and naturally bringing the driver's attention forward, a cockpit area has been created that encourages even more interaction with the automobile. Lexus concentrated on the quality and transmission speed of critical driving information with Steer by Wire, which enables the electronic interchange of steering and road surface information between the steering wheel and tyres through electrical impulses. Through accurate judgement, the system produces nimble and confidence-inspiring performance by filtering out superfluous vibrations from the tyres and brakes and only communicating critical driving information to the driver, such as road information.

The wheels are regulated as needed when Lane Tracing Assist is active, allowing for gentle steering and vehicle movement. Additionally, there is the vehicle's general manoeuvrability. Furthermore, in addition to the vehicle's overall agility, the system optimises the steering gear ratio according to vehicle condition to deliver nimble and agile performance on winding roads and high-speed stability on highways.

The RZ comes standard with Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, which includes a Pre-Collision System, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, and an Emergency Driving Stop System.

On the 2024 RZ, LSS+ 3.0 adds several extra functions that come with the optional driver monitor system.

Overall length 4,805 mm
Overall width 1,895 mm
Overall height 1,635 mm
Wheelbase 2,850 mm
Tire size 18/20 inches
Cruise range Approx. 450 km
Battery capacity 71.4 kWh
Output (kW)
150 (kW)
80 (kW)

*Specifications might vary depending on the model and location

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