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When you bring your Lexus in for a service, why not give it a professional detail as well? Your car says a lot about you, the Lexus that you drive is an embodiment of style and elegance. Don't settle for anything but the best, when it comes to keeping your vehicle feeling like new, the certified Lexus Appearance Maintenance Program will make you fall in love with your Lexus over and over again.

Car: $209.95* | SUV: $249.95*

This package provides a thorough reconditioning service of your vehicle and includes all of the necessary features of the Lexus Reflections Appearance Maintenance Program to help keep your Lexus feeling as fresh as the day you purchased it.


  • Complete meticulous hand washing and drying of vehicle exterior
  • Removal of bug and road grime deposits from exterior body and glass
  • Clean door jambs, along with trunk and hood seams
  • Pressure wash wheel well openings and rocker panels
  • Clean wheel rims and dress tires
  • Clean exterior glass surfaces and external mirrors
  • Apply Lexus Paint Finish Polish to external painted body panels


  • Vacuum carpeted floor area and trunk/cargo area
  • Clean leather seat surfaces
  • Clean dash and instrument panel
  • Clean console and driver controls
  • Clean interior glass and mirror surfaces
  • Deodorize interior cabin

Car: $309.95* | SUV: $349.95*

When you upgrade to the President Package from the Executive Package, you will receive these additional services.


  • Custom paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections and restore Lexus factory paint finish and lustre
  • Clean and dress engine compartment


  • Dress Dash
  • Shampoo and spot clean trunk carpet mat
  • Shampoo fabric floor mats
  • Carpet upholstery shampoo and stain treatment
  • Dress leather seat surfaces with Lexus Leather Conditioner
*While we make every attempt ensure the accuracy of this information, any changes, updates or corrections may not be reflected immediately. Final in store service prices may vary. Please contact us a for all final prices.

Detailing A La Carte Services

Individual Detailing Services for your Lexus

Engine Compartment Cleaning

A correctly maintained vehicle looks impeccable, so why only detail the interior and exterior? By detailing the engine compartment, you are not only increasing the visual appeal of the engine bay, but also making it easier for our Lexus trained Technicians to identify any wearing or damaged engine components. Keeping your engine compartment clean of foreign dirt and debris will also help to prevent contamination of your fluids, filters and other vital engine components.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Lexus prides itself on providing consumers with premium leather interiors. To help keep your cabin looking like new, we recommend that you try our leather cleaning and conditioning service. Over time, spilled food or drinks, dirt and oil from your skin can deteriorate the finish of any quality leather surface. Periodic cleaning and conditioning of your leather will help to make sure your leather interior is beautiful for years to come.

Full Interior Cleaning

Coming home to a clean house is a great feeling, why not experience that feeling every time you take a drive in your Lexus. If you're a daily commuter, you probably spend a lot of time in your car. Let our cleaning specialists provide your Lexus with some TLC so you can enjoy the ease of a comfortable drive in a pristine cabin.

Full Exterior Cleaning

Your Lexus is more than just a vehicle, it's your steed. Let us be your stable, bring your thoroughbred to Don Valley North Lexus and we will work meticulously to ensure that it looks race day ready every time you give it a full exterior cleaning at our dealership. An exterior clean is more than just cosmetic, removing built up dirt and salt from your Lexus will help to prevent rust and wear to your beautiful Lexus.

Aquapel® Application

Overtime, material build up on your windows can create a filmy residue, obscuring your vision and preventing water from rolling off. Aquapel glass treatment creates a chemical bond with your windshield which forces rain water to bead and roll of your window, reducing glare and improving your visibility during dark and rainy nights.