Extra Care Protection

For Your Benefit

When your vehicle becomes an integral part of your life, you want it to be taken care of at the highest standard. That's why we're pleased to offer Extra Care Protection (ECP) extended service contracts to enhance your Lexus ownership experience. The Lexus warranty program is industry leading in terms of the protection that it provides and with the ECP, the coverage is extended beyond mechanical components by integrating services such as:

  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Vehicle Rental Assistance
  • Personalized Trip Planning
  • Roadside Assistance

Not only does the ECP provide you with peace of mind, but the fact that its contract is fully transferrable means that it will enhance the resale value of your Lexus and put the mind of the future owner at ease as well. Transferring the coverage is simple, all you have to do is sign over the contract and advise Lexus of the change in ownership.

Available Plans (Months/KMs*)

Gold Plan





















Platinum Plan





















* Protection is provided for up to the chosen number of months or kilometres, whichever comes first.

ECP coverage is also available for Lexus Pre-Owned Vehicles. See in-store for full details.

Available Platinum Plans

Our new "Platinum" plans provide coverage above and beyond that offered by our "Gold" plans. In fact, there are very few components that are not covered with the Platinum plans. See in-store for details.

Benefits of ECP Coverage

Trip Interruption

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. With the Trip Interruption benefit, if a covered component fails when you're travelling more than 80 KM from home, ECP will provide you with reimbursement of up to $100 per day up to $300 per interruption occurrence to help with hotel, meal and alternative transportation costs.

Vehicle Rental Assistance

As your owner's manual states, your Lexus New Vehicle Warranty includes a loaner car program. This provides you with an alternate transportation source if your vehicle needs to stay at the dealership over night or for a period of more than eight hours due to a warrantable issue. Similarly, the ECP will provide you with reimbursement of up to $60 per day for alternate transportation which can be covered for a maximum of five days.

Roadside Assistance Program

One of the greatest benefits of the ECP is that it extends your Roadside Assistance coverage from the original 48 months to the full term of your selected contract, without a limitation placed on how many kilometers you drive. Whether you require help the day you drive off the lot onto Yonge Street or the last day of your term on route to Markham, we have you covered. Click here to see Roadside Assistance Coverage.

Personalized Auto Trip Planning Assistance

Planning a trip can be stressful sometimes. Let us alleviate some of that for you with our Personalized Auto Trip Planning Assistance. Just give us a 10 days heads up in advance of your trip and we will mail you a personalized package that includes colour maps, alternate routes, a trip log, tour and accommodation directories and lists of Lexus Dealerships in the area amongst other details. This is a great tool to help you decide on the accommodations and attractions that you want to visit and best of all, it's included at no extra cost in the ECP.

Mechanical Protection

When you buy or lease a Lexus, you`re starting a journey which we hope will last for a very long time. To provide a better peace of mind, with Mechanical Protection, coverage of vehicle components is extended from the standard 48 months / 80,000 km to the length of the term selected. When you purchase an ECP contract, you receive protection for many important components of your vehicle to keep you focused on the journey and the destination without the worry of mechanical issues.

Tire Road Hazard Warranty

The more you drive the more your tires will wear. Over the course of your lease or the ownership of your Lexus, your original tires may get damaged by road hazards. Don't worry, the ECP protects you against tire road hazard damage as well. This coverage is provided for 36 months / 50,000 km or until the tread wear indicator becomes visible, whichever comes first. The warranty will cover the cost of direct expenses incurred to repair or replace the original tires that came with your Lexus. These costs include; parts, labour, installation, balancing and the taxes associated with these services. If you run into any of these problems during the time allocated, please bring your vehicle in to Don Valley North Lexus and we will make the appropriate repair. If you have further questions, feel free to give us a call or drop in to our dealership located at 3120 Steeles Yonge Street in Markham, Ontario.

Oil and Filter/Inspection Program

Help keep your Lexus running smoothly with our complimentary Oil and Filter / Inspection Program courtesy of the ECP. With the Oil and Filter services, every lubrication includes the following:

  • Replace engine oil & filter
  • Remove & inspect air filter element
  • Lubricate locks, latches & hinges
  • Inspect lights, horns & wipers for proper function
  • Inspect coolant, brake & washer fluid levels
  • Inspect tires for damage & wear