Exclusive Loyalty Benefits

Lexus Exclusive Loyalty Benefits
Lexus Exclusive Loyalty Benefits

As a valued Lexus owner, you have access to exclusive offers when you upgrade to a new Lexus with us. These special offers are designed with your needs in mind. At Don Valley North Lexus, our commitment to you goes beyond the sale. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and offers that enhance your vehicle ownership experience. These loyalty incentives reflect our dedication to your satisfaction and our appreciation for your ongoing trust and loyalty. We are sincerely grateful for your continued support.

Exclusive Loyalty Benefits

1.5% Lease & Finance Loyalty Rate Reduction^

As a valued Lexus customer, you are eligible for a 1.5% reduction in lease or finance rates on all new Lexus vehicles.

Additional 1.5% Lease Rate Reduction with Multiple Security Deposits^*

By making multiple security deposits, you can enjoy an additional 1.5% rate reduction on your lease. Combined with the loyalty rate reduction, this offers a total rate reduction of up to 3%.

1 Year of Complimentary Lease or Finance Walkaway*

Your peace of mind is important to us. With our complimentary Lease or Finance Walkaway protection, you are covered for one year, ensuring unexpected situations don't become a financial burden.

1 Year of Complimentary Tire Storage with the purchase of a Winter Tire Package*

Thank you for choosing us for your tire needs. When you purchase a Winter Tire Package, you will receive one year of complimentary tire storage, ensuring your seasonal tires are stored safely and conveniently.

Save up to $1500 on Your Next Vehicle Purchase with WEINS Reward Points*

As a member of our WEINS family, you can save up to $1500 on your next vehicle purchase. This exclusive reward is our way of expressing our heartfelt thanks for your continued support.

Visit us today and speak with our knowledgeable team to learn more about these exciting offers. We are honored to serve you and look forward to helping you drive away in the Lexus of your dreams.


*Lexus is pleased to offer current lease and finance Guests a 1.5% loyalty rate reduction when you lease or finance another Lexus vehicle through Lexus Financial Services. This offer is non-transferrable and is valid at participating Lexus Dealers. This offer can be combined with certain other Lexus Canada incentives, with the exception of: Fleet Subsidy, other loyalty offers and other rate reduction offers. Lease or finance rate will be reduced by 1.5% (to a minimum of 0%). See your Lexus Dealer for full details and exclusions. Employees of Toyota Canada Inc., Lexus Financial Services and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (including immediate family members) are not eligible for this incentive. This offer is valid for any person who currently leases or finances a Lexus vehicle through Lexus Financial Services.

^*Lexus Multiple Security Deposit Program allows Guests to reduce their interest rate by up to 1.5% through multiple security deposits at the time of Lease. The interest rate is reduced by 0.15% for every security deposit provided up to a maximum 1.5% rate reduction, lowering your monthly payment and saving you money. Whenever your Lease is completed, you will receive your deposit back in full. The 1.5% Loyalty Rate Reduction can be combined with the 1.5% MSD Rate Reduction offering Guests a 3.0% Rate Reduction on their new Lexus Lease, These programs are subject to certain eligibility requirements and terms/conditions. Guests should contact us for more information on the program and to determine eligibility.

*Complimentary 1 year of lease or finance walkway is available for your first year vehicle purchase (lease or finance). There are no age limits with our complimentary protection and, with the entire suite of coverages, there are no pre-existing health exclusions, and no health or employment questions required to qualify. At WEINS, we believe that taking care of you goes beyond your vehicle. An automobile provides freedom, and so should your financial arrangement. We can’t predict what’s around the corner for any of us so we’ve made financial freedom a way of doing business. See dealer for full details.

*1 Year of complimentary Tire Storage is available with the purchase of a Winter Tire Package. Package consists of 4 tires and 4 rims. 1 Year is equivalent to 2 seasons or 12 months. Tires can only be stored and withdrawn 1 time each per season. Value of a season of tire storage may change with time. At the date of written (6/20/2024), the value of a season of tire storage is $129.95+tax. See dealer for full details.

*WEINS Rewards is limited to a maximum award reward level of 1,500 points for Genesis, Lexus, Audi and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and 1,000 points for Toyota, Subaru, Honda and Volkswagen vehicles. Redeeming points towards the purchase of a qualified used car vehicle is limited to the maximum amount of 1000 points. When redeeming Points toward a vehicle purchase, members must present a valid membership key tag containing their accumulated Points with and proper identification. Points may not be redeemed on a lease-end buyout. WEINS Rewards Points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. Points may only be accumulated at time of actual transaction.