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Lexus presents the Sport Yacht

Posted: 02/21/2017

Lexus Sport Yacht

Lexus has long established itself as a premier automotive brand that strikes the perfect note between luxury and performance on the roads. It also appears as though company is looking to not only dominate the roads when it comes to their product, but the open seas as well with their new pilot, Lexus ... Read More

Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

In case you hadn’t heard. You know, on the radio, or on television, Facebook, Instagram and via any other media outlet – the Super Bowl is just around the corner. Here at Don Valley North Lexus, one thing that we really look forward to is seeing what the OEM has up their sleeve when it ... Read More

2017 Lexus IS

This is the season that gets car enthusiasts and purists giddy and excited. Nope, we’re not talking about Halloween and Christmas is way too far off in the distance to even think about at the moment. We’re talking about the announcements of new vehicle models that are slo ... Read More

Lexus teases UX concept

Posted: 09/19/2016

Lexus UX

The Lexus brand has long been touted as an innovator that combines luxury and performance. In the 1990s, the Japanese automaker introduced the Lexus RX, a revolutionary vehicle and the first luxury SUV to hit the market. Since then, the RX has exploded in popularity and is currently the highest se ... Read More

Intersect by Lexus

Earlier this year, we reported that Lexus was spearheading a new initiative that would see the luxury automaker delve into the world of social space. Intersect by Lexus will be a concept brick and mortar location with a few franchises in select areas around the wo ... Read More

LFA Nurburgring

You may have seen some of our previous posts about the Lexus LFA on the Don Valley North Lexus Facebook page. It’s a vehicle that car enthusiasts around the world tend to fangirl over and the Nurburgring Edition is pretty much considered a unicorn for Lexus junkies and we&rsquo ... Read More

Lexus Badge

It’s no secret that Lexus is an innovator and mover in the automotive market. That’s precisely why the Japanese automaker is taking the bold step of introducing no-haggle pricing to select markets in the United States. This experimental business strategy will be doled out ... Read More

Agar Lexus

It’s no secret that plastic based products and packaging are detrimental to environmental sustenance. In order to work towards a world with reduced potentially hazardous material, Lexus has been sponsoring the Lexus Design Award, an annual international design competition and o ... Read More

LX 570 Larte

It’s no secret that the Lexus LX is huge. It’s a massive piece of machinery that’s ready to take on whatever life throws its way; whether it’s a quick run to the convenience store or a road trip to a far away destination, the LX is eager and ready to take you there. ... Read More

Lexus LFA Nuremburg

Alright, by now we’ve all heard about the glory of the Lexus LFA Supercar. The car that had a very limited run yet enamored itself to the hearts of car junkies and casual driving enthusiasts across the globe. Well, it looks like there was a limited series released within the li ... Read More

Lexus Randoseru

It’s only a few months until school will be out for the summer. And if you’re a Lexus enthusiast, that means you’ve still got some time to get a feel of the Lexus LFA supercar without shelling out over $300,000 to purchase the sparsely available vehicle. ... Read More

Jude Law

Lexus has truly been setting the precident for automotive marketing with an aggressive and effective ad campaign stretching across various media platforms. From life-size and operable Origami IS250s, to highway heists and ice wheels, Lexus continues to push the envelo ... Read More

2016 Lexus RC F

Another year and another record broken by Lexus. The Japanese automaker has broken yet another sales record. The numbers are in for 2015, and the company has sold an all-time high of 652,000 units globally in 2015, which is up from the 582,000 sold in 2014. Mark Templ ... Read More

Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA supercar has achieved a legendary level of brand following. With a monstrous V10 under the hood, and a beautiful sound emitting from a finely-tuned Yamaha Exhaust – it’s no wonder that even the start-up of a Lexus LFA will bring a smile to the faces of onloo ... Read More

Lexus RX

It takes a lot to achieve a perfect ranking. And it looks like the Australasian New Car Assessment Program has taken a lot into consideration before giving the new Lexus RX a perfect 5-star safety rating during the latest assessment for crash testing. The RX has already garnered appl ... Read More

Lexus LC 500

We are just a year away from seeing the Lexus LC 500 make its way into productions, and then our driveways. As the Japanese automaker recently unveiled the concept of the LC 500 at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. This sports coupe featuring two doors and two smal ... Read More

2016 Lexus RX

Sometimes when you take risks, you strike gold. With the newly redesigned 2016 Lexus RX, Lexus has not only introduced a bold new aesthetic for the company’s best-selling model, but it has also garnered a very high Car Seat Check rating as per Cars.com. The RX got bigger this y ... Read More

Lexus Ice Wheels

You may have thought you saw it all in 2015. A Lexus IS250 made out of origami, a dedicated Lexus Hoverboard or even someone taking the delivery of their RX by cliff diving onto a highway. Well, Lexus was not going to let 2015 go without adding yet another splash to i ... Read More

Jude Law RX

Ever wondered what life would be like as a super star? Well, Lexus has recently released an ad detailing what the experience of driving a Lexus RX is like, and trust us, you’ll feel like you belong on the red carpet if this video is any indication of what life with an RX is lik ... Read More

Teen flips father's new RC F

Posted: 12/15/2015

Lexus RC F Flipped

You spend your days working hard to afford nice toys for yourself. It’s finally time to treat yourself to something nice so you enter the luxury car market looking for a nice sports coupe that will have you feeling like you’re on a luxurious racetrack every time you’re behind the w ... Read More